Hello, I am Alexa Marie Cederholm.

I am. That is the most important and true description I can apply to myself. I AM.

I am Marie, human self.

I am Alexa, multi-dimensional self.

I am also 36 years old and have a wonderful family with two small children and my husband. I live in Åkarp, Sweden, originally from Örebro.

I have a Master in Industrial Design Engineering and started my career as an Industrial Designer at a small business of a bullying boss. I lived five years in Australia, surfing and living a beach life, working at Electrolux. Life happened, and I moved back home to Sweden. Working at Ikea. Stressing away, being the good girl high achiever. Met the love of my life (and many other lives) in an amazing love-story of early morning hours of chatting across the globe. We are now married with two kids. Frank, 5 years and Liv, 2,5 years.

After a stress breakdown (Read more about it here) I can also be assign the roles of Yoga Teacher 200 h RYT, Mindfulness teacher, Reiki II Usui Holy Fire Practitioner, Children's yoga teacher and probably something else that is not that important really.

The most important thing is the I AM presence and the support and energy that I am here to share.

I work with Ascended Masters like Green Tara, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin and more and I am here to help you release attachment to suffering and to expand into your soul power.

I also work with my star family and bringing through the energy from our home the Myriads and this energy is amazing! 

This work makes me so happy and you can see what I currently have to offer here.

I invite you to explore my website, the sacred space of my heart, extended into the internet. :-) 


Sending you so much love,

Alexa Marie


> Want to know more how I came to be the person I am today? Read My Story here.