Three channeled recorded meditations empowers you to release attachment to suffering and embody your soul power and divine truth.

...Are you ready to make yet another giant leap in your awakening?

...Are you tired of your ego/stories/commentary and want to move beyond?

...Are you ready to step into the truth of your divinity?

These meditations include energy work with the Emerald ray of Green Tara, activating your Sovereignty, courage and decision power.


“THANK YOU!!! This was spot on! Thank you amazing Marie! Thank you Green Tara! Thank you, thank you for this activation!

A seed quickly grew up through my body, lush with lots of leaves, sparkling of life and joy. So powerful!”

- Emelie Taavo, Channel of Saint Birgit and Regression Therapist

The three step journey:

1. Enlighten your stories

2. Self love a prerequisite to release attachments

3. Initiation: Reclaim your Power

The meditations are channeled from Green Tara and her Dakini Angels help out beautifully in the initiation with energy work on your energy body and ascension column.

With the purchase you receive three audio-files to download and listen to at your own pace.

Green Tara speaks:

"These transmissions bring about inner alignment of frequencies activating you to unleash and make available the power to choose, the resolution and determination within to choose love, joy, prosperity, to be seen, accepted, loved and acknowledged.

Each and every one of you carry this seed deep within and can activate it and initiate yourself with or without my help, but through this transmission you get powerful assistance and loving support in the process."


Disclaimer: I am not a licensed psychologist or medical practitioner.  In no way does my work replace the care given by licensed mental health providers or medical doctors. The intuitive information given is not intended to be taken as medical or psychological advice or diagnosis. I make no claim that my work directly treats or cures any psychological, emotional, physical or spiritual disorders.  You agree to be fully responsible for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.