The New Tara is emerging within your heart

Green Tara speaks:

“The New Tara is another name or way to describe what is happening amongst many on earth right now. In the process of ascension, of your evolution, changing with the times is necessary. And what has been put forth until now is fear based.

Fear of failing, fear of each other, fear of everything. Fear of ourselves, of our intuition, of our inner power.

This fear has been holding us down, as subsequent, second class, human beings.

Until now. This is now changing...

I almost don’t want to share my manifestation successes...

I almost don't want to share my manifestation successes because the in-grained beliefs and ideas that dim my light come up! I am sharing though, because I want to inspire others to get on the co-creation ride themselves! We are worth it. You are worth it. You are worth aligned support, assistance, help, aligned opportunities, unexpected money, full classes etc. You are worth it all.

Manifestation is not BAD, it is co-creation

Lately I have felt this collective turning away from the manifestation process (darn, it didn't work!) and the return to just BE and WAIT for what is yours to come your way. I am on the other hand (among many of course) stepping more into my co-creation powers and feel that we don’t need to wait and allow anything to happen to us. We can be the co-creators we have been empowered to be and we can be it now.