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A one of a kind Mindfulness eCourse

A one of a kind Mindfulness eCourse

May I present

The new Peace & Balance eCourse in the great, majestic foundations on Mindfulness. In this course I am putting the obvious and complicated into words, I hold heart-felt space for your growth and learning. I used intuition to shape the course, it is crafted from my heart, intended to touch yours.

This is not your regular Mindfulness-course, this is YOUR Mindfulness course. I made it for you.


Inner peace is your birth right

I believe that YOU have the right to feel peaceful as a constant state, where all emotions are welcomed, honored and completely felt (including anger, frustration etc) but underneath lies a deep happiness and contentment that is empowering you to live your life the way you want. Mindfulness was my first HUGE step and I am now sharing it with you in this course.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to touch many hearts who will take this course.

Have a look here if you feel called.

With love,



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A mindful cup of tea

A mindful cup of tea

I thought they (my employer) cared

I thought they (my employer) cared