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I provide spirit-powered support for your soul growth, enlightenment and empowerment.

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Alexa Marie Cederholm, Multi-dimensional Channel and Healer



I just want to introduce myself and what I do, to everyone new here! 

My name is Marie Cederholm and I am an intuitive mindfulness teacher (reiki practitioner and retired yoga teacher) leading women in mindfulness courses, sharing the tools mindfulness brings for turning stress and overwhelm to inner peace and balance. 

I have an online course in the making, which I will launch very soon. I have more offerings coming up, sharing more of my insights in advanced mindfulness. 

I used to be stressing through life but have through mindfulness and personal development, spirituality, energetic understanding, healing, yogic philosophy and understanding that I am a highly sensitive, a high achiever, an empath and introvert, and loving every aspect of that, found my inner peace. I am on a never-ending journey and I will always be a student first. 

I felt really gutsy naming my Instagram account @innerpeacegoddess, but it truly is reflecting how I feel these days. 

It is a long way from the stressed, inhibited and insecure woman I used to be, when I felt like work was all I had the right to have time for. 

I didn’t have room for social interaction, family birthdays and “fun happenings” were a pain in the ass quite honestly. 

I felt like my self-worth was defined by how well I did at work, and I truly felt that if I didn’t do THAT and THAT and THAT at work, then NO ONE would and my company would fall. The large corporate home furnishing company I used to work for did not fall, when I did. It is still thriving, even if they don’t have me there anymore. 

Because I did fall. I had several stress-related longer sick leaves and burnt myself from ever wanting to do the same type of work again. My story is long, but I came back after therapy and rest, but it was so obvious to me that this particular workplace and type of work was a really bad match to my personality and personal needs. 

I feel that often we are expected to come back to the same workplace, to the same job, after stress-illnesses, when in fact this is such a profound learning experience and personal growth moment in our lives that really we benefit more from moving FORWARD, into something new that fits us better where we are at after rehabilitation. 

So, I took a leap of faith and am no longer a product development engineer, with the longest to do list and highest ambitions, I am an Inner Peace Goddess. 

I will have to make up new business cards…  (after writing this post, I did :-) )


With love,


Stressad eller utmattad? Den oväntade anledningen till att Mindfulness minskar din stress

Stressad eller utmattad? Den oväntade anledningen till att Mindfulness minskar din stress

So, what is Mindfulness, really?

So, what is Mindfulness, really?