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Stepping out of the spiritual closet

Stepping out of the spiritual closet


I am a mindfulness teacher but I am not only a mindfulness teacher. Right now I am really scared though of sharing my whole truth, but I am no longer able to repress my truth. I am needed in this world. For this planet.

My whole truth is needed.

I have transformed enormously this year and my soul has grown and therefor my service to the world also needs to transform. It is only natural.

Yet, as I am being questioned by those who don’t understand, fear arises and I temporarily shrink. But I choose to use that as a confirmation that it is time. Time to speak my whole truth, time to share what I have learnt.

All that I have learnt.

I can do nothing else. I cannot stop evolution. I cannot stop transformation. I cannot stop growth. Spirit wants to evolve. Mine AND yours. And my whole message is needed.

I am ancient.
I am a star person from a galaxy far away but I have been on this earth for eons.
I have lived in Egypt, Lemuria and Atlantis.
I have been a fairy and a mermaid.
I have been in denial but I am no longer distrusting.
I am a channel of divine guidance.
I am a messenger of Samskara teachings. (Mind habits, next offering)
I am a lover of mantra singing.
I am an intuitive energy worker.
I have healed myself through intuitive self-regression and shamanic journeys.
I am an inner voice advocate.
I am an inner peace goddess.
I adore Green Tara and Isis & Hathor. I find great comfort in Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene is cheering me on.

I am not religious; I don’t take any other person’s word for it.

I am spiritual, I am awake and I remember the truth from within.

From this day forward, I have no choice but to speak my whole truth.

I open the doors of my consciousness and accept all changes that it brings.


With love,



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