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Swedish Lightworker Sisterhood

Swedish Lightworker Sisterhood

I am creating a Facebook group for all the Swedish Lightworkers wanting to come together in the virtual sacred space of my Facebook group "Swedish Lightworker Sisterhood".

This is a group where we share a longing to assist the world to a better place. Where we are helping others on their path of awakening.

We have all awaken to the spiritual nature of our beings and know that we have a specific purpose in this lifetime and like me, you may feel alone in Sweden and want to connect with our Swedish sisters that we know are out there but are hard to find in real life.

This potent time of global awakening calls for sisterhood because we are stronger together and when we feel supported, seen and loved, we can help each other in those downs during our spiritual journey and love each other up when we need it.

We can celebrate progress, success and insights and inspire each other to show our true selves.

If this calls to you, find the Facebook group here and join me! I am creating a Swedish group because I have a beautiful network of wonderful international friends in the ethernet of Instagram and other Facebook groups, but I feel that we have a shared challenge here in Sweden and it would be great to connect with you too, fellow Swede.


With sparkling light and love beaming from my heart to yours,


January brings the gift of grace

January brings the gift of grace

Why everyone is talking about Reiki

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