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Alexa Marie Cederholm, Multi-dimensional Channel and Healer

I intend to share my magic...

I intend to share my magic...

Starting with this new year, I intend to display and share more of the magic that transpires daily in my study. I am not only meditating daily, but also channeling friendly advise from higher realms.

Up until now I have kept it private but I have a feeling others need to take part in the advice but also just to be able to see what a normal person can do.

To know that we are all intuitive and have this ability to tap into if we want.

I am not a specially gifted person. In fact, I used to doubt the authenticity of what I was writing in my stream of consciousness writing sessions.

I am no more.

What is coming through and how I am feeling while and afterwards, is so true to me. My logical mind cannot really grasp it (especially not the old engineer hiding in there!) but it is somehow what is happening.

I am channeling my sprit guides, ascended masters and other light beings willing to offer helping advice and they are so wise! 




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"Use words but don't rely on them"

"Use words but don't rely on them"

January brings the gift of grace

January brings the gift of grace