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January brings the gift of grace

January brings the gift of grace

January brings gifts of grace and inspiration.

Dive deep into inspiration and dream big. Plant those seeds in the soil of your heart and give them rose love, rose medicine is available for you to nourish yourself and nourish your dream seeds.

Stay connected with your heart, stay centered in your heart, feel and love from your heart. Let your heart lead the way.

Accept this time as a dreaming time, do not push yourself into full on action mode, but create from inspired action. Create from the source of creation that is within your heart.

Also set plans, actions and map out your successes, because when done from a place of inspiration then the truest path is available to you.

With ease and grace. Ease and grace. Ease and grace.

You find during this month that you DO have the confidence. You DO know that you are capable and good enough for the things you want to do.

You ARE confident, because you are not who you used to be.

You are a different person, a new you. A confident you. You know.

Now you know your purpose and your ability to create your dream life. You know and feel so powerful to get going. To continue on this path that you are already walking. 


With love,


I intend to share my magic...

I intend to share my magic...

Swedish Lightworker Sisterhood

Swedish Lightworker Sisterhood