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How I handed over my money fears in a ribboned gift box

How I handed over my money fears in a ribboned gift box

On the spiritual path there are constantly issues, beliefs, repressed feelings surfacing that we need to release. Sometimes we need to work through them with a therapist but in many instances we can understand the underlying cause by ourselves. Only you know what is true anyway.

It is important not to get stuck in a validating cycle of thoughts around it that only makes those feelings grow larger and for us the get sucked back into their drama. 

However, we need to feel it, to release it.

I want to share my own very short and sweet self-healing session as I lay down in my bed last night.

Self-realization is awesome and all it takes is for us to remember to ask our selves, “What is going on now, really?” “What is the underlying cause for me feeling like this?” “What IS it that I am feeling?” etc.

By understanding and accepting, we can feel it completely, and then release it.

So last night I went to bed, and in the back of my mind I knew I had work to do: I have know for a while that I have underlying mental barriers around money. And as many of you know, according to the Law of Attraction, our thoughts manifest our reality, so mental barriers about something makes me create that reality for myself. (And yes, I could use more money right now).

The honest truth is that I get triggered when others talk about major purchases and I subtly feel that

“I am too good for money, since I know better than to be dependent on money for my happiness”.

I also judged myself heavily for having those thoughts!

I KNOW at the same time that I NEED money to not only live, but to do the good that I am here to do. I also feel GREAT when having lots of money and can SPEND and ENJOY life.

So last night, I allowed myself to really feel into those initial ideas about money and really feel my own judgmental thoughts about money completely. I allowed the feelings to fill my entire body and I allowed myself to FEEL IT.

After a few moments I was ready and I intuitively decided to package those ideas into a beautiful little gift box.

It was square and had colorful ribbons and a bow on the top.

I handed it over to Kali (the Hindu-Goddess who transforms fear into love) and was able to RELEASE it from my system in such a way that I felt amazing, vibrant and got full body chills.

A new idea planted itself in me and I realized for the first time that just as I consciously raise my awareness and vibe to be more connected (to truth, source, spirit, you, me, everything, earth) when I deliver my work, I can also UTILIZE money as a vibe raising agent!

I not only “need” money to make purchases possible that I need in my work, I need money to raise my VIBE just as I need essential oils, meditation, candles, crystals and music! So, I experienced a major internal shift. 

Next time someone boasts about their new Jaguar (or salary raise) I will savor the smell, feel the seat, love it with every ounce of my being, and that way allowing the high vibe to rub off on me too, instead of making my negative (repellant) attitude around it even stronger.

The Law of Attraction says that you attract what you FEEL, not only what you think.

I am looking forward to see how this shift changes things for me. :-)


With love,


Major website update

Major website update

Announcing Early Bird Price on The Samsara Secret Masterclass! For your mind illumination.

Announcing Early Bird Price on The Samsara Secret Masterclass! For your mind illumination.