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I provide spirit-powered support for your soul growth, enlightenment and empowerment.

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Beaming you love,

Alexa Marie Cederholm, Multi-dimensional Channel and Healer

Help your clients to find you by doing this...

Help your clients to find you by doing this...

Everything is going to work out. Your efforts are supported from the heavenly planes in thousand fold, and every effort that you do is greatly enforced from above.

Many doubt this support, but it is immense.

Trust it.

You are all being supported and so loved.

It is our time now, we have all been waiting for this, doing what we could up until now, sowing seeds in traditions, religion, yoga, culture, the mindfulness movement and now so many more people are receiving our efforts, our work.

More people than ever are ready to hear about our teachings, and to learn from our wisdom.

There is a global awakening occurring and our work has only just begun in a way. It is vital that we all step up to the task and get really clear on our purpose, our insights and excitement leads the way.

We need to get clear on what we have to offer and to create the systems, the platforms and the foundations for us to be able to share it.

We need to be really clear on what our offering is, what our service is and tell people. To do what we can to broadcast our message.

Sure, people will be attracted to us, but now they need help to do it faster.

Many are not in tune with their energetic bodies to that degree of flow that is required to be attracted to their medicine easily.

Many may need to be told what our offering can do for them. What our soul wants to share and we have to share of ourselves, of our backgrounds, of our insights for people to be attracted to us more easily.

They need threads to hold on to and follow. Thin energetic threads of information, pieces of information that act as clues for their sole to find the right way, the right teacher, the right wisdom medicine for them in their lives. To find their missing piece of their life’s puzzle.

Share of yourself and look into why you sometimes don’t want to. What is holding you back? Why would you not share more of yourself? Why is it uncomfortable to be vulnerable for you?

Vulnerability is a way in for people. They can recognize that precious moment of despair or hurt as there own and be inspired by the way you reflect on it and how you deal with it, how you bring yourself back to your heart, back to peace and harmony.

If it resonates it will be medicine for their soul too.

How to challenge yourself: Patriarchal challenge vs Feminine expansion

How to challenge yourself: Patriarchal challenge vs Feminine expansion

Major website update

Major website update