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Alexa Marie Cederholm, Multi-dimensional Channel and Healer

The secret to Inner Peace?

The secret to Inner Peace?

Through the process that was ignited by my understanding of The Wheel of Samsara my human experience became flooded with

love, light, hope, wonder, awe, beauty and lust for life!

My humanity found my divinity.

Through understanding the mental constructs I was able to break through the frosted glass that was placed before me and I could really see the divine nature of all beings, the connectedness and the love that we are all built of.

I began to experience an unfiltered, uncensored experience of being alive. Of BEING where limitations and fears can be shed. I am in contact, in communion with my soul, my essence.

My pure perfect love.

I am now sharing the teachings of Green Tara and The Wheel of Suffering/conditioned happiness/illusion in this Meditation Series, and I explain the patterns of our thoughts and bring light to where to let go, and what exactly to let go of and how it does not serve us to hold on so tightly around what we think we know about ourselves.

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Youtube debut

Youtube debut

FREE Grounding Meditation

FREE Grounding Meditation