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I provide spirit-powered support for your soul growth, enlightenment and empowerment.

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Alexa Marie Cederholm, Multi-dimensional Channel and Healer

Youtube debut

Youtube debut

Hey, I am putting myself and my work even more out there, because I need to reach all of those (you?) who need to know what I have to share. As simple as that. :-)

I am more clear than ever about my mission on this planet and I am here to share the wisdom of my heart and show you how you can understand your mind, thoughts and ego better.

Because if we understand the pattern of our thoughts (we all follow a certain cycle) we can begin to break the cycle, to experience more of life and the inner peace that is inside our heart, beyond our thoughts. 

And no, thinking is not bad. thinking shall not be avoided at all cost. BUT thinking can be understood, loved and the gateway to healing of past karma. Thinking can be suspended at times to allow for direct experience and BEing. 

Pretty amazing potential there.

Anyway, watch my new Youtube film below.


Love you,


Karmic release at daycare

Karmic release at daycare

The secret to Inner Peace?

The secret to Inner Peace?