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Do you fear making money?

Do you fear making money?

I am surprisingly feeling the call to talk money. Lightworker kind of money. Heart service to the world kind of money.

Because there are so many of us beautiful lightworkers who want more money, but unknowingly reject it.

Money is not to be feared and we don’t need to keep feeling discouraged to earn money. We don’t only “need it”, we need to love it!

Just as we love nourishing our energetic body with essential oils or meditation, we can love the uplifting energetic support from money!

If we make money from sharing our gifts, we reach more of the people we are here to serve!

If we make real money from sharing our light, we can share a brighter light!

We can nourish our soul, our body and shine brighter. We can take time to rest and then serve even better.

Money makes us free (and lifts our vibe) and is not to be confused with the patriarchal enslaved kind of making money to make ends meet and during this money search don’t have time to live ones life as we would like.

Because we have already stopped finding happiness from money and things and we will not change back to that when we get lots of money (and surround ourselves with beauty). Trust that.

We have to shift this perspective of money rejection (but wanting) and not “hate” money but to love it.

To love the support it provides in lifting our vibe.

With a higher vibration we can serve more from our heart.

I invite you to have a look at my personal manifestation recipe and my view of how our ego is playing a part in rejecting business success here.


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