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Why we are feeling reluctant to talk about money

Why we are feeling reluctant to talk about money

I am myself going through the shift from feeling that money is bad and responsible for the evil in the world, because hey, there is some truth to it, that we are being ruled by money and greed and not heart.


BUT I am really getting to that point of understanding that if we keep rejecting money and not making real money we will not change this world into our new heaven on earth.

We need to love how money makes our mission possible!

We not only need money to do it, we need to invite money as the vibe nourishment it is.

We can use and direct money in a new heart-centered way.

If anyone can, we can.

We can allow ourselves to be lifted by it’s presence and the high energy it holds.

Money and resources are endless and not limited on this planet. The physical manifestation of lack is rather an imbalanced distribution where fear based, unaware and unawake people hold the majority of money and the heart-centered, light spreading, love-based are in lack.

Let’s re-distribute the imbalance and create some balance of the abundant resources that are available.

Imagine what power heart-based soul missions would get with the support of money!

It is not an evil to want, it is a necessity to awaken this planet.


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I almost don’t want to share my manifestation successes...

I almost don’t want to share my manifestation successes...

Do you fear making money?

Do you fear making money?