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Alexa Marie Cederholm, Multi-dimensional Channel and Healer

The New Tara Transmission is here

The New Tara Transmission is here

May I present:

The New Tara Transmission!

This is a channeled transmission with personal guidance from Ascended Master Green Tara, including a potent activation of the Power of the New Tara within - to release attachment to suffering and live more from your heart.

...Are you ready to move beyond your ego and her stories?
...Are you ready to stand in your full power of conscious creation?
...Do you want more expansive joy in life?

To awaken your inner power of the New Tara is to reclaim all your divine power of choice and to choose for yourself how you would like to experience life.

This transmission helps your awareness to move beyond understanding for divine downloads that empowers you to release addiction to suffering, and make new brilliant choices in life!

The transmission is channeled specifically for you, where ever you are in the world, and sent to you in an audio-file. It is 30 min recorded meditation, guidance and activation.


Brought to you with love,


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A moment of pristine personal power

A moment of pristine personal power

Facing your shadow creates light

Facing your shadow creates light