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Why I am not saying manifesting affirmations anymore

Why I am not saying manifesting affirmations anymore

I have to be honest here. I have tried the Manifestation processes that are floating around the internet… I have because I wanted to be able to manifest my heart’s desires!

>I have recited mantras of prosperity daily, to convince myself of that I am already abundant and open to receive.

>I have written hundreds of lines of a carefully formed sentence describing how happy I am to have received what I desire.

I have done all the do’s and don't:s in regards to manifesting an abundant life, and now I see that ALL THAT was based in fear, for me at least. I have felt that if I DON’T do this or that, I am definitely not going to get IT.

What I am experiencing now with the work I do with Green Tara (and the inner power to choose to release my ADDICTION to suffering) is completely different!

It goes deep into the core of the belief that I have to suffer to some extent and why and how that limits what I choose to feel, do and create.

As I am now able to choose ecstatic joy (ECSTATIC JOY) more and more often and frequently, I am doing it without mantras, without thoughts, without reasons, without any internal motivation at all.

I am simply able to and this attracts things almost instantly into my reality.

After enjoying this joyous feeling for a few days, orders are coming in, I win (more) competitions and when I open an email with an order, that very same feeling runs through my body and being.

It is exactly as we have been taught by Abraham Hicks and others; ”feel it to attract it”, but I couldn’t manage to create the feeling this easily before through all those affirmations and “things to do”.

I feel like I have cracked it through my work with Green Tara and I want to share it with you!!!

I describe the context and how in my new e-book. I hope you will enjoy it too!

>Because we SO deserve to have our desires met, wishes fulfilled and dreams come true. These dreams and desires are all part of our soul purpose with which we are here to save the Earth, right?<


With so much love for all of us, we are in this together,


Shit what a shift!

Shit what a shift!

The New Tara Way to Prosperity

The New Tara Way to Prosperity