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Success for the lightworker

Success for the lightworker

Green Tara speaks:

"Success is the same as reaching the soul-contracted people you are born to serve.

Success is important but instead you fear it, you shame it, you do not seek it. You seek to reach only a handful with ordinary reward.

Because you don’t want to be too much.

You want, to some extent, to remain in suffering, to stay in suffering. You limit yourself. You limit your expression. You limit your reward, the exchange in energy, the God sent financially abundant energy.

Even if your mind sometimes tries to convince you of that you want this, you want change, you want prosperity and abundance. Your inner beliefs hold you back. Your inner beliefs stop you, because there is an entity of your soul in this 3-dimensional form, that is addicted to suffering, that is addicted to feeling un-successful, that is addicted to feeling unworthy and that holds on to these feelings of failure and sadness and grief of what you cannot have, because these feelings defines your very being.

There is a conflict at the moment where your addiction to suffering, worrying, anxiety, unease, waiting, unsuccessfully waiting for something better, irritation is in conflict with your presence in 5D.

Your presence in 5D is multi-abundant, prosperous, but in 5D your Ego doesn’t know who she is.

To shift to 5D completely you need to let go of those stories that cling to suffering, that cling to the identity of your 3D self.

So as you cross over to 5D living, at regular intervals, your Ego self, created from stories and experiences of form and defines and nourished by your suffered thoughts during this time, cling to feelings of unease and suffering and bring you back to 3D.

To step more fully into 5D, to feel that ecstatic joy and bliss that is your natural essence, the unlimited space within your heart, you need to let go of your addiction.

You need to look your addiction straight in the eye, and allow yourself to choose to let it go.

Because it is there in every moment, trying to make you choose to limit and cap your happiness.

But when you see that it is built out of limiting beliefs and you realize that these beliefs are not true, not for one bit. And the one inside of you who want to talk about the stories and re-tell them again and again is your 3-dimensional form identity that we call the Ego... 

Then, you can choose differently. 

Find that force, deep within, the power you already hold to choose differently. To choose to allow yourself complete and full happiness, that isn’t limited by thoughts about the situation at hand, about how much happiness and peace can you feel in this moment depending on the circumstances.

No, not that. 

You CAN allow yourself to feel endless happiness in any moment, in any situation.

So the struggle within is to allow space for this power that you already have.

It is seeded within your heart, within your very being, is the power to let go of your form identity.

There is the power to choose joy, to choose to let them go, all the stories and thoughts and the response to people, relationships and things that annoy you, irritate you. In that moment, choose joy.

Joy without thinking about why, or why not, or how. No commentary is needed. No motivation is needed. No reasons are needed. 

This is the New Tara that is emerging inside of you.

Allow the power of the New Tara to expand inside of you.

Because I know, the struggle is real. The thoughts are real. The 3D form identity is real.

But you are ready now, to allow space to expand within your energetic body. With the force of New Tara.

To expand and strengthen your willpower and power to make a choice and decide, because you hold all the power to make this choice.

In every situation, it’s within your power, it’s within your reach. To choose differently, to choose your reaction and response, or not.

To internally shift your energy and emotional state.

Now go in peace and draw on this power that you have inside, next time you react with an unwanted emotional reaction that you wish you rather didn’t, do not judge, just see, understand and show yourself compassion, loose the stories and thoughts about it and choose joy."

Find a recorded transmission with a short activation on Youtube here.

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Powerful inner work of shifting shame and despair to peace

Powerful inner work of shifting shame and despair to peace

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Shame and enlightenment on the production floor