The Dakini Sisters Soul Manifestation Program

A 12 week group program for Lightworkers.

Expand into your mastery and full potential, where ego does not hold you back, where no attachment to suffering remains, so that you can SHINE, SHARE and be REWARDED generously.


This is a transformational exploration with Green Tara and the Dakini Angels where we through radical self-love, mental understanding AND heart 'innerstanding' release attachment to suffering that enables you to move into prosperity and joy.

Are you ready to allow prosperity, success, fulfillment and endless joy into your life?

Guided by heart and soul. Connected to source. Lightworker, we have shift to do. 

Healer, teacher, guide, mentor, coach, yogi, heart-centered creative, soulful entrepreneur, your light is needed.

Your unique service is an expression of your light, your heart and YOU are needed now more than ever. 

Do you feel the call, the urgency? Do you feel the desire to explore your life and this opportunity for creation that is offered here on Earth at this time?

All you want to do is to be endlessly happy, live a connected and free life and fulfill your soul purpose, right?

We are unlimited and every opportunity is yours!

So why is it so hard to have the courage to express yourself uninhibited, or share THAT service that you haven't had the confidence for yet, or to charge enough for your services so that you can live on your lightwork and do more of it?

It doesn't make sense, for you to be this beacon of LIGHT that the world needs desperately, this UNLIMITED being of light, and form, and then feel intimidated to share your work, your light, with confidence and joy and to be rewarded in return.

Can you feel that you have more to give, more light to share?

Can you feel that you are not living your fullest potential (yet)?

Well, sister, I want to support you to live your fullest potential, to share your brightest light, and I have created this program because I have a deep desire within my soul to eradicate suffering from humanity and to see you infinitely happy and prosperous!

I am ready. Are you?

This is what I believe

You are completely responsible for and a powerful creator of your own experience.

When you release your addiction to suffering, you will finally be able to manifest the life you dream of! You will prosper. You will be deeply happy.

Until experiencing the power of the New Tara within myself, I had no idea that this inner power is SO REAL and possible to use at ANY TIME.

(And it is not done by convincing the mind through endless recitation of affirmations or by following an explicit manifestation formula).

This is what happened

Following my share of struggles of life (difficult childhood, high performing career, stress induced depression, illness and physical injury), after years of spiritual development, and sharing of beautiful offerings (like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, women's spiritual circles) I had an amazing enlightening experience.

It was no less than the highlight of my awakening to my inner power and personal choice.

One day on the concrete floor of my second job, dressed in humiliating freezer room clothes, desperately grieving that I had to be there, I decided to play with experience and connected to my inner power of choice and reclaimed my power of choice.

In a moment, I understood it all, I saw my limiting beliefs shatter, my internal dialogue silenced and I let go of it all. And chose JOY.

It was easeful. Extraordinary. Amazing.

I went from weeks of very deep suffering, shame and provoked ego to a nearly constant state of expansive joy and bliss. (*I say nearly, because I am evolving too 😉  and not denying that I am very much a human being too.)

Now, I have been working deeply for years with my mind, my experience and my choices (through yoga, meditation, schamanic healing, reiki, mindfulness, mantra chanting) to accomplish this, but channeling Ascended Master Green Tara have activated not only my ability to channel her healing energetic transmissions but also to share powerful activations of the inner power of the New Tara that awaits inside of you to access and the realization that

..our suffering is what is holding us back and keeping us from prospering.

It can be easy. It is possible for you too.

I am sharing this opportunity for awakening inner strength with others in my New Tara Transmissions, which activates your inner power to choose, in any given moment, to let go of attachment to suffering.


In the Dakini Sisters Soul Manifestation Program, we are going deeper and you will come out the other side with:

  • an inner strength to step into your full potential,
  • a deep inner knowing that you are worth it all (money, success, being seen, happiness, love, joy and live the life you want)
  • a new allowing relationship to money, knowing that it is a fantastic energy to love and allow into your life,
  • an inner resource of your activated and reawakened INNER POWER with which you can choose pure joy and love and release attachment to suffering any time you want to,
  • a feeling of being able to accomplish anything.

This is my intention and confident belief, however, in the end you are the only one who can do the work. You are that powerful.

In the program we will:

  • Identify and release internal karmic stories and beliefs that you really don't need anymore and that is limiting your expression and experience now.
  • Get an understanding of the connection between ego, illusion, separation, "stories about me, myself and I" and karma.
  • Transmute remaining ego desires into soul-aligned expression in your business / lightwork.
  • Receive numerous energetic transmissions for healing and integrating.
  • Receive several activations of your inner power of the New Tara.
  • Indulge in integration weeks supported by individual energetic transmissions for healing.
  • Explore how radically important self-love and a personal spiritual practice is (not just doing what others do).
  • Benefit from channeled guidance from Ascended Master Green Tara in a group context, but also individual transmissions for each participant.
  • Explore our money stories and change your approach to them and to money.
  • Go through specifics on how you can step more fully into soulful alignment in your work.
  • Discuss online tools that support your business.
  • Discuss competition vs connection and commit to sisterly support (optional).


We will gather online in weekly live video classes via the free application Zoom.

Every class will begin with a ceremony and in many cases channeled guidance from Green Tara who will lovingly walk us through this program.

Two of the weeks will be for integration, which is an important allocation of time for you to be able to be fully present for the remaining content, as we naturally follow a cyclic pattern when immersed in courses.

During these integration weeks you will receive an energy transmission via email.

The classes will be recorded for your review or if you are not able to attend. I encourage live attendance for most benefit though.



Vi träffas online kl 13.00 (60-90 min) och kan du inte vara där så skickas en inspelning ut strax efteråt. Det är såklart allra trevligast och till din fördel att kunna vara med live så mycket som möjligt.

19, 26 September 2017

10, 17, 24, 31 October 2017

14, 21, 28 November 2017

5 December 2017



Classes are held at 9 PM Swedish time = 12 PM PST / 3 PM EST / 5 AM ACT / 8 PM BST (adjusted accordingly when Daylight savings end in Oct/Nov)

13, 20 September 2017

4, 11, 18, 25 October 2017

8, 15, 22, 29 November 2017

What is included in this 12 week program?

  • 10 live online classes
  • 2 Healing Transmissions (via email for the integration weeks)
  • Personalized energy healing with one of the integration emails
  • One personal New Tara Transmission (recorded guidance + activation)


Week 1. How your internal stories undermine reality, and build your addiction to suffering

Week 2. The consequences of the stories

Week 3. Integration

Week 4. Find and transform your remaining ego desires into soul-aligned expression

Week 5. How spiritual practice & radical self-love enables you

Week 6. Allow yourself your individual power, through a transmission from Green Tara and the Dakini angels

Week 7. Explore and see through your limiting money stories (supported by an energetic transmission)

Week 8. Integration

Week 9. Stepping into alignment: Stepping up and refining your expression

Week 10. Exchange of tools for a soul-aligned online business presence

Week 11. Dakini angel sisterly support vs competition

Week 12. Closing ceremony and empowerment for new beginnings


The entire content summed up is currently valued at 19600 SEK / 2222 USD.

In this program you will get it all for 8000 SEK / 907 USD!

Exchange rate as of 21th of June 2017. Currency in the shop is SEK (due to Swedish accounting), but will calculate automatically to your currency. Check here for the current rate.

International welcome.

Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

Are you determined to do this inner work and step into your purpose more aligned than ever?

Are you ready for more abundance in your life? Abundance of health, love, money, beauty and joy?

Are you ready to become more successful in your sacred business?

Do you feel a big YES to this journey?

Then I would LOVE to meet you in the program. Please sign up below.

You are welcome to email me if you have any questions before to

With so much love,


If you are ready to say good bye to competition, and premier connection and celebration, you will in the end of the program also receive an exclusive invitation to the Dakini Sisters Support Club, where we give and receive loving and heart-centered sisterly support, in our online ventures, vulnerable acts and courageous sacred service. This is a completely optional bonus, a support team that I know many of us long for.