Explore how to work with me:


As a Channel I bring through messages and healing that is for your highest and best good, in service to the Light.

The Ascended Masters are our guides and mentors for navigating this inner journey of embodying the divine feminine that we are on and that probably led you here.

The Myriads are now sharing their energy for an amazing elevated experience for clearing, healing and ascension.


Channeled Guidance & Healing with the Ascended Masters

Receive channeled guidance and healing from Ascended Masters like Green Tara, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Jeshua, Quan Yin, Ganesha and Joan of Arc to promote physical, emotional, spiritual healing as well as to guide and empower you on your spiritual path.

You get: Written guidance + a recorded meditation to meet your specific needs and questions you may have.


Channeled Guidance and Healing with the Ascended Masters

An activating and empowering session with the Ascended Masters to promote physical, emotional, spiritual healing as well as to guide you on your spiritual path. Receive channeled guidance and healing from Ascended Masters ready to support you where you are. It could be Green Tara, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, Ganesha, Joan of Arc among others who step forward for you.

I am currently running an introduction special to invited. Will open to public soon.


Elevated Healing

Healing and elevation from the Myriads. This energy is unlike anything and will promote physical healing and spiritual elevation. Includes channeled guidance to support you on your spiritual path.



Green Tara Meditation Series

A three step journey with channeled meditations and energy work with Green Tara and the Dakini angels, to empower you to release your attachment to suffering and embody your sovereignty and divine truth.

Green Tara gently but clearly guides you to release addiction to suffering which is a key human aspect that holds us back in allowing abundance of health, joy, harmony, balance, money and success.


Soul Sister 1:1 Session

Are you just beginning to open up to the spiritual part of you? I am here for support and during a 60 min video chat we can explore any of the following:

Personal spiritual practice/Open to channel introduction/Moon phases and life/Explore the 4 intuitive languages and discover which is your dominant one/Intro to how you can heal yourself and more...

+Meditation with your spirit guide


Divine Feminine Meditation Circle

In-person group gatherings, Sweden. Max. 10 people, 1,5-2 hours.

For sisters & brothers wanting to open to more of the divine within and receive channeled messages and healing.

Empowerment and soul expansion with Ascended Masters, Alexa and the Myriads.

*Dates coming soon


Meditation Circle

FREE guided meditations, live online + replay.

Channeled meditations with guidance and healing for enlightenment, expansion and empowerment. With Ascended Masters, Angels and Alexa and the Myriads.

*Coming soon